Monday, July 16, 2012

You never know how much you miss air conditioning.....

We visited Clark's parents two weekends ago.  Boy, was it hot.  They don't have air conditioning.  I miss it when we're there.  Growing up, my family had air conditioning, Clark's parents did not.  When we got married and purchased our first home together, I told Clark the only pre-requisite was that there was air conditioning.  He didn't think it was necessary, until after our first summer when we had it.  After that, he told me that we would never have a house that DIDN'T have air conditioning ever again.  I am more than ok with that.
Saturday, the girl's and I went into Lethbridge with Grandma and went on a garage sale extravaganza.  I was pretty proud of those girls.  They were polite at all of the places we went, said please and thank you and paid for their treasures by themselves.  The thing about being so cute is that they also scored a bunch of free stuff.  I think every single house we went to gave them at least one thing for free.  We lasted from about 9:30 in the morning until 2 in the afternoon.  Much longer than Clark thought.  Both girls fell asleep on the way back to Cardston.

Abigail found this doll with really wild blue hair...and it came with two little babies that also had wild hair.  She was pretty excited about the Momma and the babies.  I am a little disturbed by the fact that you take their feet off to get their pants off of them. 
We stopped at Wal-Mart on the way home and picked up two pools for the kids to cool down in.  The girls really liked Tyler's pool the best.  Probably because it was shallower, so the water wasn't as cold.
It looks like there is no water at all...but he's on a bit of a hill so it's pooled at his feet.
Two little monkeys, sitting in a pool.....
And here I think Tyler is thinking that his pool is getting awfully crowded.....
Totally random thing I learned about Clark:  He watches chuckwagon races and has ever since he was a little boy.  That in itself is surprising, but what blew me away was that he and his mother sat there and talked about the people that drive the chuckwagons...and he was actually knowledgable on the subject.  If you look at Clark, you would not know this about him.  Speaking of's a picture of one of the free things that Annika scored at a garage sale. 

Can't see very well?...ok, here's another one!


  1. Yes, cute little kids get freebies!! Love the huge hat....especially when it's down over the whole head!! lol Not too sure about the feet the come off the doll either!!?? Interesting!!! Tyler's expression does seem to indicate that he thinks his pool is getting too crowded with both sisters in it too...but it's a very cute picture. :) The kids did very well to last that long - you're "raising them well". :) Of course, all kids have 'their moments', but still, it says something when they show their manners, etc. Way to go, kids & way to go, Mom!! :) Keep up the excellent work. xo

  2. My mom and I sit down and discuss chuckwagon races and their drivers. My mom knows Buddy Bensmiller and his son. We also discuss Triple Crown Race horses and their chances and history. We do not know any owners personally though. My mom did meet a trainer of some famous race horse this year. Can't remember which one though. 1060 AM has all the chuckwagon races on the radio at 7:30 each night (that there's a race). Clark could tune into the "half mile of hell".