Monday, July 02, 2012

Another helpful hint from my kitchen

Once upon a time, I stumbled onto a cooking blog.  So, I started reading it.  It's really good.  I've used multiple recipes of hers.  I've told other people to use multiple recipes of hers. 

One day, she posted about how to make whipping cream.  I was slightly shocked at this post, because I thought that everybody knew how to make whipping cream.  In the Pennies on a Platter universe however, I guess that was not the case.  I told my sister that I thought it was the weirdest thing to write about (since I knew how to make my own whipping cream) when she came back with the comment, "Why?  You don't know how to make oatmeal."  Point taken.

Anyway, so while making meatballs this morning to put into my crockpot, I brainstormed a new way to make my breadcrumbs.  Chances are, most people probably already know this trick, but it's just possible that there is one person out there that hadn't thought of it and so I'm writing to them.  Just like the person who will one day write a post about how to make oatmeal.  I will read it and then I will know how to do it myself. 

Growing up, whenever we had to make something that would require a rolling pin, my mom would take wax paper, fold it in half and then put whatever we were wacking in the middle of the wax paper.  Examples:  candy canes or soda crackers
While doing this, the wax paper usually would get little tiny holes in it and then it was useless, so you had to use more wax paper.  I have eliminated the need for wax paper.

Heavy duty freezer bags.  Don't seal up the top or the bag will explode on you...but it works so much better than wax paper.  It doesn't make holes because the plastic is a bit more durable, and when you go to pick up the bag, the stuff you were smashing doesn't fall out the sides.  I'm only sorry I hadn't thought of this earlier.

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  1. I have replaced my waxed paper with plastic bags quite a while ago, Kendra. Sorry I forgot to tell you.