Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My right hand


I am left handed.  Quite happily I might add.  Sometimes it's frustrating, but for the most part, I have no complaints.  I do things differently though.

I bowl with my right hand.
I play softball right handed.
I golf right handed.
I serve the ball in tennis with my left hand, then hit the ball with my right hand.
I weed with my right hand.
I stir things when cooking with my right hand....but when frying, I prefer to use my left hand as I like to hold the handle of the frying pan with my right hand.

And tonight, I realized that I prefer to thread the needle in my sewing machine with my right hand.
But, I like to thread the needle that I hand sew with by using my left hand.  It can get quite confusing in my world sometimes.

*...and I have the world's grubbiest hands.  My sister does not like holding them, left or right.*


  1. So....are you somewhat ambidextrous????? I am right-handed, but there are some things I do better with my left hand!!! We are just VERY talented - that's just the way it is!!! lol

  2. You are so complicated, girl! :)

  3. And you have the world's grubbiest hands. You forgot to mention that. Yuck. I hate holding your hand - right or left. ;-)

  4. I too am left handed - I do so many things left and very little right.

    I always tell right handed people that if you want to know how hard it is to be left handed - switch your computer mouse to the other side of the keyboard and play a game of card with a left handed deck of cards - way hared than you would think.

    But I have just gotten used to living in a left handed world, it's easy now, but back when I was a kid I found it much harder.