Saturday, July 14, 2012

Saturday snapshot ~ Photo shoot

Ok, here you go.  The long awaited pictures from our barter.  I couldn't decide which pictures to show you, so I think you're going to get most of them!  I apologize in advance if you think it's too many...but I have REALLY CUTE KIDS!

Tyler wasn't too sure about this photo shoot stuff.  Notice the worried expression.

I think they were looking at me. I love how they are at least all looking in the same direction, even if it isn't at the camera!

There's that elusive smile!  The only one we got the whole day.

Teething babies sure drool a lot!

Annika was definitely the star of our shoot!  I think she did everything Joey asked of her without complaining.

This munchkin was battling a cold so she wasn't too cooperative.  I'm glad we got a couple of good shots...though I had to bribe her with her soother!

 Annika is such a good big sister!


  1. They look great. Having friends with talent is so nice. Glad you were able to get some good shots.

  2. They are great photos!! Love the varied expressions - so typical of all of them. LOL :) Love the drool... the big blue eyes... the soother... all the them are great!! Good job, kiddos! Great job, photographer!! (I think you mentioned previously who took them, but can't remember, so just in case you didn't I don't want to reveal names!!)

  3. I say this all the time, but Annika is just the BEST big sister. What a sweet kid. They're all pretty cute too... just saying.

    1. Yeah, you're really starting to sound like a broken record. Come up with something more original, would ya? ;)