Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Last Post

I'm sure you're either hating all of my posts about Disneyland, or loving them because you can live vicariously through me, but I promise this will be the last one.  We head home on Monday.  Part of me can't wait.  Mainly my heart that hurts each day when I call home and talk to the girls.  Little Abigail asks me every day if I'm coming home that day.  I think she misses me the most. 

 I saw Phineas and Ferb today.  That was pretty cool.  Annika is a big fan of them.  She noticed that my fanny pack was Perry the Platypus, and mentioned to her grandma that she hoped I would let her have it when I got home.  That kid has a good eye.

We went on the Toy Story Mania ride two times this morning.  Poor Clark thinks he can beat me, but as you can see, I am SO much better than he is!  In his defense, he's better at Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters.  He beats me every time.
Me, left - Clark, right 
A cool thing happened to me tonight.  Clark and I were in line at Luigi's Flying Tires when we started talking to the mother/daughter duo in front of us.  Brenda blogs over at  It's possible that she will become a good friend, we seemed to hit it off!  It just goes to show that you can make a new friend anywhere!  Hi Brenda!  It was very nice to meet you tonight!
We fly home Monday afternoon, and I'm looking forward to hugging my babies.  It's been nice to be away, but it will be awfully nice to be home too.

Saturday snapshot ~ The cat

The cat got stuck in Tyler's window the other day.  It's a good thing that I just happened to be walking down the hallway, or who knows how long he would have been sitting there.  As it was, I'm not sure how long he was there before I found him! 

Friday, September 28, 2012

Legos, Water and Mickey...Oh My!

It was another busy day for us.  Clark went on Splash Mountain first thing this morning, and he was able to walk right on the ride.  The first time, he even got his own log!  I took a video of him going down the big drop.  I'm sorry you'll have to turn your head, I was not aware that you couldn't switch your views when I took the video.

He wanted me to go with him on the ride, but I'm not too fond of going down things like that without being strapped in.  I went on the Winnie-the-Pooh ride instead.  I wanted to do a video ride through for Abigail, it's her favourite ride (that she's never been on), but halfway through the ride, there was a malfunction and we had to walk off.  The good part of that was, our cast member that came to rescue us showed us a hidden Mickey!  She said they're not allowed to stop and take pictures, but she let us.  I would not have seen it if she hadn't mentioned it!
We headed down to Downtown Disney for breakfast at the Rainforest Cafe.  To get there, we had to pass by the Lego Store.  Wow, those people are artists.

And, I met some more people!  The Mad Hatter is intimidating.  He told me that princesses live off their husbands.  I told him that I guess that meant that I was a princess.  :)

Ariel gave a shout-out to Abigail.  I told her that I had a two year old at home that would be jealous of me.


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What I did today

First off, let me say the weather has been wonderful!  I'm not looking forward to Sunday, the forecast is for a high of 34, but the high 20's have felt great and a welcome change from the weather at home!

Clark and I spent the day at California Adventure.  Most of that was spent in Cars Land!

We had breakfast at Flo's V8 Cafe.

French toast with salted butterscotch dressing and banana.  Can you say yummy?


I got to hob knob with some celebrities today as well!  That was fun.


He's not a celebrity, but he's pretty cute!

Here we are standing in line at probably one of my  new favourite rides, Radiator Springs Racers.  I can't tell you a whole lot, because a friend of mine who might be a reader (Hi Bonnie!) is taking her family there in a couple of weeks, and I want her to be surprised.  I will say though, that it is definitely worth the over 60 minute wait.

Once we got off the ride, it was dark in the park, and what a sight Radiator Springs was!

It was a great day.  Tomorrow is going to be a great day as well...because it's SPA DAY!


Sunday, September 23, 2012

The best thing....

....about forgetting to pack a skirt to wear for romantic dinners with your husband is having to buy this.

The better thing need matching shoes as well!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Friday, September 21, 2012

We're just city girls that like roughing it

The girls have been begging us to go camping this year.  So, one night in August, I set the tent up in the backyard and took them "camping".  They were thrilled.

 Annika had some crazy hair going on.  And yes, she is naked.  She decided that she was too hot, so she slept in her underwear.  What a crazy girl.  I was wearing clothes and was still cold during the night!  She kept kicking off her covers.

It's very hard to take a picture in the dark...the flash is 50 times brighter!

We had a great time.  There was a lot of laughter.  At one point, around 11PM, we started hearing a sound that sounded like one of Annika's toys that was dying a slow and painful death.  The girls were a little bit scared, so I sent them out with their flashlights to find out what the noise was while I stayed in the tent, safe.  Someone had to be by the phone so I could call 911 in case if was something other than a toy.  It turns out that she had left her toy CD player outside and the batteries were practically dead, so we took them out and everything was fine.

The next morning, we woke up to find out that the local wildlife slept with us.

Aah yes, and now the other one is naked.

What a cutie.

And, what is a camping trip without s'mores?  This was our breakfast.

I changed it up a little bit, since a s'more has marshmallow in it.  Instead of chocolate on top, I topped the crescents with marshmallow topping.

Soooooo good.

Tyler was quite tickled that although he didn't get to sleep in the tent with us, we shared our breakfast with him.


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

| survived the first day of school

Well, we survived the first day of school.  I think it helped that on Sunday night, Annika and I both got a little bit teary eyed before bed.  I told her that once we cried here, we shouldn't have to cry tomorrow.  She agreed with me.

First on the agenda (after getting dressed in her clothes from the back-to-school fairy) was a special breakfast.  Annika asked for a special drink to go along with her special breakfast, so that's what she got.
Bacon and eggs and toast.  Hmmm...I'm getting hungry just looking at that!
Her special drink was a strawberry/banana milkshake.  The best part was the straw.  Yum.

Clark wanted to go back to school as well.  I think he's a bit tall!  He's such a good dad.  I think he felt a little weird being the only Dad dropping his kid off at school, but he said that he plans on doing it every year.  I LOVE that!

In front of Annika's classroom door.
After we dropped her off, I spent most of the rest of the day entertaining Abigail.  She was definitely missing her big sister.  When school let out, I told Abigail that Annika would be home very shortly, and she said, "Let's go outside and wait for her."

There were no complaints when I sent the girls to bed that night at 7:30...that was pretty nice actually.