Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Last Post

I'm sure you're either hating all of my posts about Disneyland, or loving them because you can live vicariously through me, but I promise this will be the last one.  We head home on Monday.  Part of me can't wait.  Mainly my heart that hurts each day when I call home and talk to the girls.  Little Abigail asks me every day if I'm coming home that day.  I think she misses me the most. 

 I saw Phineas and Ferb today.  That was pretty cool.  Annika is a big fan of them.  She noticed that my fanny pack was Perry the Platypus, and mentioned to her grandma that she hoped I would let her have it when I got home.  That kid has a good eye.

We went on the Toy Story Mania ride two times this morning.  Poor Clark thinks he can beat me, but as you can see, I am SO much better than he is!  In his defense, he's better at Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters.  He beats me every time.
Me, left - Clark, right 
A cool thing happened to me tonight.  Clark and I were in line at Luigi's Flying Tires when we started talking to the mother/daughter duo in front of us.  Brenda blogs over at  It's possible that she will become a good friend, we seemed to hit it off!  It just goes to show that you can make a new friend anywhere!  Hi Brenda!  It was very nice to meet you tonight!
We fly home Monday afternoon, and I'm looking forward to hugging my babies.  It's been nice to be away, but it will be awfully nice to be home too.


  1. Glad you've had such a good time. I've enjoyed your daily blogs...I've had a chance to see a bit of Disneyland...something I'll likely never see in real life!!! Thanks. :)

  2. So great to meet you in the Happiest Place On Earth! I just returned home this evening and will be blogging about my trip this week. I plan to do a post about us bloggers meeting. Too fun!! Take care.