Wednesday, September 19, 2012

| survived the first day of school

Well, we survived the first day of school.  I think it helped that on Sunday night, Annika and I both got a little bit teary eyed before bed.  I told her that once we cried here, we shouldn't have to cry tomorrow.  She agreed with me.

First on the agenda (after getting dressed in her clothes from the back-to-school fairy) was a special breakfast.  Annika asked for a special drink to go along with her special breakfast, so that's what she got.
Bacon and eggs and toast.  Hmmm...I'm getting hungry just looking at that!
Her special drink was a strawberry/banana milkshake.  The best part was the straw.  Yum.

Clark wanted to go back to school as well.  I think he's a bit tall!  He's such a good dad.  I think he felt a little weird being the only Dad dropping his kid off at school, but he said that he plans on doing it every year.  I LOVE that!

In front of Annika's classroom door.
After we dropped her off, I spent most of the rest of the day entertaining Abigail.  She was definitely missing her big sister.  When school let out, I told Abigail that Annika would be home very shortly, and she said, "Let's go outside and wait for her."

There were no complaints when I sent the girls to bed that night at 7:30...that was pretty nice actually. 

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