Thursday, September 06, 2012

Just checking in.....

Hi all!  Yes, I'm still here.  Boy, have I been busy lately.  Busy doing a whole lot of nothing it seems, but I know that's not true.  I haven't forgotten you.  I just don't have energy at the moment.  Although, it is 4:30 AM and my littlest one is singing in his bed, which is why I am awake.  I really shouldn't be.  I just wanted to wait until he went back to sleep before I did too.  One is less grumpy that way, I find, then if I went back to my bed fell asleep and then had to be woken up again because he still hadn't settled.  I'm not sure what's up with Tyler.  He hasn't been awake in the middle of the night in over a month. 

Oh well.  I just wanted to drop a quick note and let you know you are still on my to-do list...I have quite a few posts percolating in my brain, I just need to take the time to sit down and write them.  Which I will.  Soon.

1 comment:

  1. I know you have been very busy...doing lots of things for others & your family!!! :) Hope you were able to get back to sleep shortly after you wrote this blog!