Tuesday, September 18, 2012

When you were four.....

Dear Annika,
I can't believe that you are 5 years old today!  It seems like yesterday I was in A LOT of pain (and if you ask your father, he will say he was too) (but that's only because I almost broke his fingers, his fault).  And now, here you are, going to school and being a little grown up.  Here are the things I wanted to remember from your last year.

  • You learnt how to start the computer and get on the Internet to play games and watch movies.
  • You call pepperoni pizza ~ "macaroni" pizza
  • You love cheese strings...and call them cheese "springs"
  • You are such a little momma...I have to keep reminding you that you aren't the Mommy, so you don't get to discipline your siblings.
  • You have been the biggest cheerleader helping your sister potty train!
  • You like to tell stories...really long stories...and when I think you're done, but you're not, you like to say "You didn't let me finish."
  • Your favourite time of day when talking about time is 6 a'30.  That's how you say it.  It's really cute.  Abigail wakes you up at 6 a'30.  When we go to meet people, you say we should meet them at 6 a'30. 
  • Sometimes you aren't very brave, but if you see your sister do something, you don't like to be upstaged by her, so then you try it.
  • You've become quite the little fish in the swimming pool.  You swim everywhere by yourself now with a life jacket.  It's been hard for me to let you go and be independent, but I'm learning.
  • You went down a waterslide all by yourself.  Guess how proud I was of you that day?
  • You love to cuddle.
  • You still suck your thumb.  I wish you would stop.
  • Your favourite thing to sleep with is your blankie that you got when you were a baby and your Perry the Platypus.
  • You know what number on the phone is the speed dial for Daddy's work.  You even call and ask for him by name.  You're so polite.
  • You like to tell me what your brother "is saying"...even when he's just sitting there looking at you.  For example, the other day, Tyler was sitting there, and you said "He's saying, 'Hi there, Sissy.'  Sissy, Mom, Tyler called me Sissy!"  You make me laugh so hard!
  • You started locking the door whenever you went to the bathroom.
  • You can get to the second rung on the monkey bars at the park.  I love how you keep trying every time we go.  Someday soon you'll get to the third rung!
  • When you don't like something at supper time, I can get away with you eating it by telling you that you have to eat your age (4 bites).  Usually, we count down the four bites, then you tell me we should do it again.  Sometimes I can get up to 12 bites out of you.  See how sneaky I am? 
  • You call your sister sweetheart and honey.  It's so cute.
  • Your memory astounds me.  It's amazing what you can remember from when you were 2.
  • You like to help me put groceries in the cart at the store, and you've said, "I'm a good helper.  I've been working out."  You made the lady in the same aisle as us laugh.  In the same vein, you flexed your muscles for me the other day and then kissed both of them.  I have no clue where you got that from, but it was definitely my laugh of the day!
I love you baby girl!  Have a happy birthday and a wonderful year.


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  1. Happy Birthday, sweet Annika!! You make me laugh too! Keep growing & learning & especially making your Mommy (& the rest of your family) laugh. That is a special gift!! I love watching you be a big sister to Abigail & Tyler too. It is SO sweet hearing you call Abigail "honey", etc. :)
    You are a "keeper". xoxo