Thursday, August 01, 2013

When they're sweet without prompting.....

Do you ever have parenting days where you're out with your monsters children and everything they do makes you cringe on the inside, because you know that EVERYONE is judging your parenting?  Yeah.  I have those days.  Quite often.

Then there are the days where your little angels do something that you want them to do with prompting and people think they are so sweet, and you just wish that they would remember to say "thank you" to the Wal-Mart greeter when they get stickers from them, since they get stickers EVERY TIME we go there, but can never seem to remember their manners until I remind them.

Then there are days like today.  We went for Slurpees this afternoon and as we were walking in, we passed a girl waiting outside the 7-11.  I'm not quite sure how old she was.  Probably late teens, early twenties.  I can't seem to tell how old people are the older I get....everyone looks young to me.  Anyway, she was standing outside looking a little bit miserable when my dear sweet Abigail walked by her, noticed the huge tattoo on the side of her arm of Snow White, stopped walking and said to her, "I really like your picture.  Snow White is one of my favourites."  The look on the girls face....her face transformed into a smile and she told Abigail, "Nobody so little has talked to me about my tattoo before." 

When we left the store she was still standing there, but as soon as she saw Abigail, she broke into another smile.  I like to think that Abigail maybe made her day a little bit brighter, and I'm quite proud of her, since she did it without any prompting.