Saturday, August 25, 2012

Back to school shopping (the sleeping edition)

We're in Great Falls this weekend doing back to school shopping.  We came down on Friday, and Friday night, we played musical beds.  Have you ever played it?  I wouldn't recommend it.  When we got to our hotel room, Annika claimed one bed that she said would be shared with me, and she told Abigail that she and Clark would have the other one.  I put everyone to bed last night, and within 5 minutes, Abigail was crying because she wanted me.  We made room for her.  Until she was asleep, then I hopped over to the other bed, since Abigail prefers to sleep horizontally rather than vertically on the mattress, and it makes for crowded conditions. 

Around one in the morning, Abigail sat straight up in bed and screamed "Mom!".  I guess she was missing me.  So, I crawled back into her bed, she went right back to sleep.  In the process, she crowded out Annika who almost fell out of bed, so I shipped her off to Clark's bed (who slept through the whole night very peacefully.)

6:00 brought Tyler wide awake and crying, Annika wide awake and watching a movie, and me wide awake and blogging.  Abigail is still sleeping, and Clark pretending none of this is going on and stubbornly trying to keep sleeping.  I don't think that will last very long.


  1. I have been there and feel your pain..

  2. Having one child, I "missed" those kinds of nights!! But I feel for you. Hope you have a good day shopping... & better night tonight!