Thursday, August 16, 2012


Press play and listen to the sound of rain while you read this.  It's actually quite calming.

We've been having some pretty nasty storms at our house this summer.  The power has been out twice and the thunder and lightning do not make me happy. 

Clark came home from work Tuesday and told me I should probably put the van in the garage, since there were tornado warnings in Brooks and he wasn't sure if the warning would extend to us.  Well, as soon as I put the van in the garage, it started POURING.  Normally I wouldn't mind getting wet going from the garage to the house, but I had both girls with me and so I had to make two trips. 

After the thunder and lightning had subsided, we looked out the front window at the rain and saw that our little bay had some minor flooding going on in front of the neighbours house, so I asked the girls if they wanted to go out and play.  Annika didn't understand me at first, so she told Abigail, "We're going outside, but no going in puddles."  I had to explain that this was one of those times where they were ALLOWED to jump in puddles.  They were pretty excited about that. 

Poor Abigail could only find one of her rubber boots, so we improvised and I put her in winter boots.  They are not the best things for getting wet in.  The insides of her boots sucked up the water like a sponge, so by the time she was done, she could barely move her little feet!  I took the boots off her and literally wrung them out.

I need to invest in a pair of rubber boots for myself.  It's kinda cold splashing in puddles in flip flops.  At least I had a poncho to wear!

I took a video of the girls outside.  They were just too cute!


  1. Special memories...for all of you. I love the sounds of 'gentle' rain! :)

  2. Love it. I love that the kids were surprised when you let them jump in puddles.

  3. Happy Memories. PJ