Sunday, August 12, 2012

When you were >1

I can't believe that Tyler has been in our family for one whole year already.  Time sure flies.  It seems like yesterday that they were putting a little boy on my stomach and I said, "Boys aren't that bad." And now my baby is no longer a baby.

Here are some things from the past year that I wanted to remember:

Dear Tyler,
  • You started sitting up all by yourself at 9 months

  • You LOVE to talk.  Favourite word seems to be "Dad", although you have been heard saying "Mama"
  • Your father has come up with a special nickname for you.  It's kinda cute.  He calls you Ler-Ty.  I don't think it would work if I tried calling you that, so I'll stick to your real name and leave the nicknames to your father.
  • You LOVE your sisters.  They usually don't have to work to get a smile from you.  Anyone else is a different story.

  • You started crawling at 11 months.  At first it was kind of a stomach scoot, but then one day the cat walked into your line of vision and you started crawling after him.  You also like crawling to his water dish.
  • You are so strong.  You can pull open the drawers in the kitchen.
  • It doesn't matter what kind of food I put in front of you, you like all of it.  You do this little giggle whenever you see it.  Have I mentioned yet how much like your father you are?
  • You seem to prefer to sleep on your side.
  • You are very serious. 
  • My heart melts every time I walk into the room and you catch sight of me.  You break into this grin that seems to stretch over your face.  It disappears quite quickly, but I love knowing that you are so excited to see me.
  • You give the best hugs.  They are few and far between, but when I get one, I make it count.
  • You love having baths.  The only part you don't like is getting your hair washed, because the water streams down your face and gets into your eyes.
  • You love going to the swimming pool as well.  That makes me happy, since your sisters are such water babies.

  • Your favourite game to play is peek-a-boo.  You'll use your hands if you can't find a blanket.
  • Sometimes, you'll put a blanket on your head and sit there very quietly.  I'll then say, "Where's Tyler?" and you'll giggle under your blanket.  I love playing that game with you.
  • You have six teeth, but you're working on two more.
You have been such a wonderful addition to our family, I can't imagine our lives without you!  We love you baby boy!!!!



  1. Brought tears to my eyes reading this. I remember the days when you weren't so sure having a boy would be so wonderful!! But Tyler definitely has been a wonderful addition to your family. His smiles were s-l-o-w in coming, but now when they come, they DO light up his face...& I love them... & HIM... too. SO glad you are all in my life. HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY, dear Tyler. I love you. Big hug. Can't wait to see you.

  2. Yay! Happy Birthday, Tyler! We love you so much! Love Uncle Nate and Aunty Tal! :)

  3. What a beautiful testimony to your lovely son. God bless you both and a very happy birthday to Tyler. ~Pamela Jans