Wednesday, August 01, 2012

My latest project

I appear to be a bit of a bandwagon jumper.  This might not necessarily be a bad thing, I guess it just depends on my follow through.  My friend Ashley made reusable diapers for her son Caedmon.  I was a little sad about this, because she had mentioned for baby #2 they wanted to do cloth diapers, and I had big plans to make her some.  I even went on pinterest and pinned a couple of diaper insert patterns.  However, she beat me to it. 

My friend Sarah, whose son Wesley is 10 days older than Tyler, mentioned that she might be interested in trying cloth diapers out, and it made me happy again, because here was someone I could try my sewing out on.  I went out and bought the supplies and thought that just maybe I would try it too, since I seemed to have a lot of material.

Then today, Abigail ran out of nighttime diapers, and I thought...why not make her some cloth diapers to wear at night?  That would definitely make her HAVE to go on the potty, since there would be no more diapers in the house.  And so, the bandwagon has been jumped, the material purchased, and I am now cloth diapering two of my children.

Ashley was very kind and lent me her pattern book and snap attaching tool, which saved me some money.  Still, I have not been this frustrated when sewing something in a long time.  The pattern is HORRIBLE to follow.  I ended up borrowing one of Ashley's completed diaper covers and kinda making up my own pattern.  I think it turned out pretty cute.

The inserts were pretty fun to make, just really time consuming.  You have to cut four pieces of flannel and two pieces of batting and put them all together.  Because I'm a bit of a perfectionist who wants this to be pretty, I had two different colors of flannel I had to cut out, which took a bit more time.  Here's the finished product.  Oh, and YAY! for sergers.

And then, because Abigail is a girl, she got a special insert just for her.

The best part is, they fit really well.

The best BEST part is that after my initial investment, I shouldn't have to buy diapers again.  So in approximately two months, I will have saved what I paid out.  These diaper covers I made for the kids are the same size, 28-40 pounds, and they seem to fit both of them very well. 


  1. Wow! Looks great! Let me know how they work out! :)

  2. Way to go!! They look GREAT, & I'm really impressed that you re-created the pattern to work for you! :) YOU GO GIRL!