Thursday, July 19, 2012

Grandma's birthday

It was Clark's Mom's birthday on Tuesday.  She shares her birthday with Disneyland.  How cool is that?  We met them halfway in Taber to have dinner together and to celebrate.  The girls were so excited, they told anyone that would listen that it was their Grandma's birthday.  They picked out birthday cards for her all by themselves, and drew pictures in the card and on the envelope, and I found something on pinterest we could make her that she would be able to use. 

DYI tea towels.  I saw it and thought it was pretty cool.  The only thing I would change is next time, I'm going to buy colored sharpies.  Annika's artwork is always full of color, that it didn't really do the tea towel justice by tracing it in black. 

Here are pictures of the girl's artwork, and what it turned into!



She said that it was her and her sister under a rainbow.  I thought that was sweet!

I think maybe the next time I do this, (which I definitely will, it turned out really well) I might make them into pillows.  I'll have to think about that!

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  1. Great idea!!! :) I'm sure Grandma loved them.