Sunday, July 08, 2012

Canada Day Recap

Well, even though it's been over a week since Canada Day, we're still in the same month, so I figure I'm doing OK!

Every year we buy the kids Canada t-shirts to wear.  After I purchased them, I realized that we would be going to church in the morning, and the girl's didn't have anything to wear on the bottom that matched with their shirts.  So, I made them red and white skirts.  Abigail has been battling a cold for a little while now, so she wasn't cooperating with pictures.  Just imagine her wearing the same thing as Annika.

Annika wanted me to take a picture of her wearing her "sunglasses".

This is the "normal" picture!

Mr. Tyler's shirt says "Home grown Canuck".  He was just too cute!

After nap time, we headed down to the park where the celebrations were happening.  The girls had to go on their favourite thing (a bouncy obstacle course)

That evening Clark took the girls to see the fireworks.  They were pretty tired, but seemed to perk up when it was time for them to go. I guess they had fun playing while waiting for them to start, but once they did start, they asked to go home.  They were asleep before he pulled up in front of the house.

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  1. The kids looked adorable in their "Canada Day" outfits. You did so well getting them ready the night before!!! Glad they (& you) had a good day! :)