Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Operation TV Room Organization

Part two of the downstairs living room organization is coming to a close.  You can read Part One here in case you missed it.  We had this on our wall. And yes, it usually is that messy.

 It was attached to the wall at one time....but it isn't anymore.  Clark was nervous that one of the kids would bump into it and the whole thing would come crashing down, so I decided to make something different out of it.  Originally I wanted to make this.


But, after I got my bookshelf on its side, I realized that it was quite high, so the girls would have had to have a stepstool to get up on it, and so in my mind, it didn't really look like it should become a bench.  For now it is just cubbies to hold our DVD's...and maybe I'll figure out what to do with the top at a later time.

I made up four areas.  From left to right, area #1 is the kid's movies they are allowed to watch.  Area #2 is Clark's movies, area #3 belongs to my movies, and area #4 are our Wii and XBox games.  I like how everyone has their own area and that all of the movies are actually in their proper cases....for the moment anyway!  Annika and Abigail already know that they aren't allowed to play with the DVD's, so hopefully that will last longer than a day!

I really like how it turned out.  


  1. great idea to put the shelf on it's side. Simple and much safer for kids!

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