Sunday, October 28, 2012

There's a party in Heaven

There's a party in Heaven today for two little girls that asked Jesus to come and live in their hearts.  One of the most precious sounds I can hear as a mother is the first cry of my baby.  But I believe that a VERY close second would be those words spoken with a little bit of a lisp, "Oh Jesus, won't you come live in my heart?"

It all started with yesterday.  My very quiet girls were downstairs...painting the walls with nail polish.  This morning, when it was discovered, Clark and I decided the consequence would be no TV for a very long time.  Well, long in little girl time anyway.  So, today we listened to music.  Specifically worship music.  Then we got to Carman.  Have you ever listened to The Champion?  It makes me cry every time. 

Abigail listened to the opening strains and said "I don't like it, it's scary." 
I told her that it was a good song.  It was a song about Jesus having a fight with Satan. 
She then said, "Mommy, who's going to win?" 
I told her that Jesus wins, and because He wins, we can be with Him in Heaven if we ask Him into our hearts. 
Abby thought about it for a second, then said, "OK Mom, let's pray."  Annika asked if she could pray too, and now my little girls will get to see Jesus in Heaven someday.  What a great day we had today.


  1. Their news brought such joy to my heart & tears to my eyes! I do know that song & it's very powerful -I can understand why she might be scared with the beginning... It's wonderful what the Holy Spirit uses to touch hearts...& that you were the one to pray with each of them. How VERY special. :*)

  2. Yay!!! We were so excited to hear the two little voices on the phone. We are so proud of them! They are growing up so quickly into "women" of God! :) So happy to be part of your lives!