Sunday, October 21, 2012

I shudder to think

It was a bittersweet week for me last week.  My BFF, Chantal, and her husband came down for a quick visit.  It's always nice to see them.  They are about to embark into parenthood, so I gave her ALL of my clothes that I had lying around and didn't want anymore.  You don't realize how much clothes accumulate over a 5 year period until you put them all into the living room.  I gave her all of my boy and girl clothes, since they don't know what the sex will be first, and it's good to be prepared.

I had two HUGE totes of the girl's clothes sitting out in the garage, and so we decided to go through those first.  The first one we made pretty quick work of, then it was on to the second one.  I went through the top, and noticed that there were little black pellets on some of the clothes.  I asked Chantal if she thought they were mouse droppings, and she said maybe...but really, how does one know?  We sure did after we got halfway down the tote and saw a pink onesie that had been chewed through and burrowed into to look like a little nest. 

I'm amazed that Chantal and I were so calm.  We took the rest of the clothes in the tote outside in the freezing wind and dumped the contents onto the deck.  No mouse emerged, so obviously it was long gone.  However, I still get chills thinking about it.

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  1. Gross!! You would think the totes would be sealed tight enough that mice wouldn't get in!!! Shudder!!