Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Cute Things Abigail Says (Part Six)

Oh, this girl comes up with some of the funniest (and sweetest things).

Yesterday we were having lunch at the table.  Abigail was looking out our living room window and noticed our neighbour, Mr. Fred, was outside.  She said, "Oh, there's Mr. Fred!  He looks so handsome today."

I thought it was cute and so I went outside and told him what Abigail had said.  Turns out that he had been having a really crappy morning, and it made his day. 

She's so good about complimenting people just out of the blue.
Abby thinks that she should always be the first one from the van to the house.  However, she has a big sister who is faster than her, and she's always the last one out of the van.  Guess who usually makes it to the front door first?  Well, today was no exception.  Annika was at the front door when Abigail finally got out of the van, and the first thing Miss Abby did was stomp her foot and say, "Impossible!  She shouldn't get to the front door first!!!"

I LOVE her use of big words!  Yay for vocabulary!

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  1. She is a cutie pie...who has a heart of gold! Love her! :)