Thursday, October 25, 2012

A rant of sorts

Two things. 
  1. We were spoiled when we lived in Taber.  Our garbage was picked up every Tuesday, except if there was a holiday, then it was on Wednesday. 
  2. I like schedules.
Ok.  I understand that in the big city of Medicine Hat, the days of garbage pick up have to change after every holiday.  That makes sense to me.  What doesn't make sense is:  One week, our garbage will be picked up at 7 AM, the next week it might be 11 AM, the week after we're looking at 9 AM. 

WHY is it not the same every week?  I would think that the garbage people (what's the politically correct term these days?)  would have a schedule of what streets to do when, kind of like a checklist, and in my world, that should mean that the garbage would be picked up at approximately the same time every week.

As you were.

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