Thursday, October 18, 2012

When you were two.....

Wow, I can't believe it's been three years since this little girl graced us with her presence.  Being the middle child probably isn't easy, but Abigail makes it look like it's a piece of cake.  She's so laid back (most of the time) it's sometimes easy to forget that she's around.  Here's my list of things I wanted to remember from her past year.

Dear Abigail,
  • you starting talking...and talking...and talking....
  • you were IN LOVE with your was a struggle to get you to give it up
  • you were so IN LOVE with your soother, that I gave it back to you when we started potty training as incentive for you to not have accidents.  It worked quite well.  Giving up the soother finally worked well too.  If you had an accident in your underwear, we threw a soother out.  It got to the point where you did it yourself without me having to tell you.  Now, you're soother free!
  • You can say Grandma and Grandpa and Moogie quite well, but you still call your Morfar "Far".
  • You call your sister "Ka", but you can call her by her name if you so chose.  I guess it's faster to say Ka.  She is probably your best friend.

  • You've started copying your older sister in temper tantrums.  You like to say "I'm mad, Mad, MAD!"
  • Every time Annika goes to something, you want to do the same thing, so you say "Me too!"
  • You love to sing.  Your favourite songs are "This Little Light of Mine", The Winnie-the-Pooh Theme Song, and "Jesus Loves Me"
  • You can open the door to your room by yourself now.
  • Your sister likes to take toys from you by substituting them with something else.  If you're playing with a Barbie that Annika wants, she'll give you a teddy bear.  You let her.
  • Guess what you've starting doing with your baby brother when he has a toy that you want?  At least it makes for less fighting over things.
  • When we ask you what you want for supper, you ALWAYS say "fries".
  • You love to go swimming, but if we go in the deep end, you hang on very tightly and say, multiple times, "Keep me safe."
  • You are brave and like going down the waterslide.  By doing that, you help your older sister to be brave as well.  Thank you.
  • You prefer wearing dresses to pants.  Then you ask if you're a pretty princess.  The answer is always going to be yes.

  • You love drinking slurpees.  When we leave the 7-11, you always say "Bye slurpees, see you tomorrow."
  • You like to call sprinklers "sprinkles".  You also call the wrinkles on your fingers from being in the water "sprinkles". 
  • You don't quite understand when you talk about someone, you should use the word she (or he).  You always say her.
  • You like rocks and pine cones.  You name them.  All of them.  Skippy.  It makes it easy for me to remember their names!
  • You can't say snow yet, you call it Mo.
  • You've stopped napping.  I'm a little sad about that.
  • Your hair is long enough for me to do fun stuff with.  I love french braiding your hair.  You don't like having to sit still.
  • You love Jesus.  You might only have been two, but you were a good teacher for the rest of us in how we should always go to Him first when we have a problem.  I remember one summer day I had a horrible sunburn on my back and wasn't feeling too good, but had to clean the house anyway, and you followed me from room to room saying, "Let's pray to Jesus so you can feel better."  I pray that you always run to him first.

  • You are the BEST at giving compliments.  Out of the blue you'll say "I like your shirt Mommy."  Thanks for making my day over and over.
  • When your Daddy and I are talking about you and we say your name and you hear us, you say "Me?"  If you're out of the room and you hear us talking about you, you'll yell "What you say?"  It never fails to make me laugh.
  • You're funny.  When we laugh at you, you get mad and say "Stop laughing!"  That usually makes us laugh harder.

    You are a joy to have around and we are so thankful you are in our family.  Happy birthday baby girl.

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  1. What a sweet little "sunshine" to have in your lives! She is a blessing to us as well. Yes, she is full of compliments. I love how she has drawn me pictures when I've been away for a bit, or she'll come & give me hugs! :)
    I love how she's picked up the idea (from Annika) of trading a toy with Tyler for something she wants from him. Good job!!
    She's another precious gift from the Lord.