Friday, November 02, 2012

A piece of P.I.

I am a man.  I am a private investigator.  I have a partner who is also a man.  I like to wear trench coats.  I think I look a lot like Woody  from Condorman in the scene where he goes to Istanbul.


My partner and I are trying to crack a prostitution ring run by a female.  Our big plan was to infiltrate the ring by getting our friend (a female) to become engaged to a male (that is somehow a part of the ring, or maybe he's a relative of the lady that is running it)

Before the wedding, we figure out that if our friend marries the guy, he's going to kill her because she knows us, and then they'll come after us and kill us too.

The good news is, Clark's alarm then went off and woke me up, so nobody died.

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  1. Phew!! Glad the alarm went off!!! Your dreams are so interesting! lol