Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A crafty Christmas....clothing!

This year I knew for the kids clothing I wanted two things.

1.  I wanted the girls to match the boy.  MATCH, not coordinate.  Yes, there is a difference.
2.  I wanted to make their outfits.

Enter the Internet.  I tip my hat to the crafty ladies out in the world that take the time to make things and then blog about them and share the knowledge with the rest of us.  I didn't have to purchase any of the patterns I used this year.  That's quite nice since we're on a budget. 

When we were in Great Falls in August, I went to Joann's fabrics and found the MOST beautiful blue fabric that had snowflakes on it and knew that it was going to be my kids Christmas outfits.  For the past five years (ever since Annika has been around) she has had at least one red dress and one green dress, so this year I wanted to go outside of the box a little bit. 

I made Annika and Abigail the same dress.  The girls dress tutorial can be found here.

Then I thought to myself, they need something pretty for their hair!

The girls hair flower tutorial can be found here.

Tyler's vest came out SO well, I think I'm most proud of it.

Tyler's vest tutorial can be found here.

Tyler's bowtie tutorial can be found here.


  1. I CAN'T wait to see them dressed in their finest the MOMMY made!!! You go girl!! You're amazing with what you accomplish!!

  2. Aw, so cute! Thanks for sharing the pictures, looks really great!

  3. Turned out beautiful! Love the fabric!!