Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Restful Vacation: Part Two

Here's some more pictures from our vacation for you...and a story.  I'll start with the story since it's from the way up.  Clark and I differ on our opinions of this incident, so he suggested I blog about it and ask your opinion.  I even drew a picture for you!

While driving on the highway Car A started to pass Car B and a very slow moving truck (C).  While A was in the passing lane, Car B decided that they didn't want to wait for A to pass, so they also sped up and cut Car A off.  I think if A hadn't reacted quickly and slammed on their brakes, there would have been an accident.  Car A then proceeded to honk the horn to Car B.  I think that is justified because maybe they weren't paying attention and didn't see Car A in the vicinity.  However, Car A kept honking their horn for a very long time...and then when they passed Car B a couple of minutes later, they honked their horn again.  I think this was a bit excessive and could be termed road rage, Clark thinks it was justified.  What do you think?  Curious minds want to know.

Here comes the fun part of the post now, the pictures of cute children and wildlife!  Tyler all ready for a road trip.

We got to share the road with some bighorn sheep. 

This was the third bear that we saw on our trip.  The girls thought that was pretty cool!

I made the girls get out in the cold with me so I could take a picture of one of them in Alberta and the other in BC with me in the middle.  They weren't very happy with me.

Abigail was not a fan of being so high up.

Pork jerky from Costco.  It seriously is like eating cake in jerky form.  SO GOOD!

And finally, here's a video of our littlest munchkin.  He does this funny thing with his tongue where he moves it from side to side.  It is so cute!  Watch closely for it around the 30 second mark!


  1. He's so funny cute!

    I think car A was legally wrong to pass two vehicles at once. And maybe one car honk would have sufficed to show that car B almost caused an accident. Seems a little excessive to me...

    1. Is it still illegal if it's a divided highway? The things I didn't know....

    2. Oh, probably not. But the over honking was still a bit much.