Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Kitchen brilliance

While making supper last month, the recipe called for me to brush my fish with lemon juice.  I don't own a pastry brush, and all of the paintbrushes we have in our house have been used to paint with, and I'm not quite sure how good paint is to ingest.  I started wracking my brain for an idea on how to get a little bit of juice on my fish without drowning the poor things when my eyes alighted on this little gadget.

I have several of these syringes.  The pharmacy gives them to me every time one of the kids has antibiotics.  And because I like to not throw anything away, I have several lying around.  Why I keep them in my Tupperware cupboard is beyond me, but there they were.  Lying there innocently.  So, I used them to "brush" my fish with lemon juice.  It worked great!  A couple of weeks ago, I used them again to "brush" my zucchini with olive oil.  You definitely don't need a pastry brush for jobs like that if you have one of these lying around.


  1. You are so smart!!! ... & creative in a variety of ways! :) I'm impressed once again.