Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Cute Things Annika Says (Part Nine)

We have wild bunnies.  I think a couple of them live in our backyard.  The girls LOVE them.  They think that they can catch them.  Our neighbours have a bush in their front yard, and the other day I think they chased that bunny around the bush about 10 times.  It was too funny.  I don't think it was a very smart bunny.  I told the girls that the best way to catch a bunny (as learnt from a teacher, Mr. Ulriksen) was to put salt on its tail.  Annika asked if it worked with cinnamon as well.  That's cute, but not THE cute thing she said to make this post!

Last night, there were two bunnies eating our grass in the front yard.  Abigail asked if they could go outside and catch them.   I said sure.  They rushed outside without bothering to put their shoes on.  The bunnies were smart tonight and ran onto the road.  Well, maybe not too smart because they almost got hit by a car, but smart that they know my girls aren't allowed on the road, thus they (the bunnies) are safe.  Annika and Abigail come back inside.
Fast forward to about 15 minutes later, when Annika starts sobbing.  She walks into the room and says "Mom, look at my foot!" 
I look at her foot and see that she has a leaf stuck to the bottom.  I take it off and say "It's just a leaf."
She inspects the bottom of her foot (while still sobbing) and says "Not that part, the part where the skin is coming off and there's a hole!"
So, I look again.  There's a piece of sap on her foot.  I pick it off (it is a little bit sticky) while she is still sobbing and flinching and acting every bit the part of a drama queen.  *I am SO looking forward to her becoming a teenager.*
While she is complaining about the pain I am inflicting, I show her the piece of sap and tell her what it actually is.  The crying instantly stops and she says, "Oh.  I knew that."  That girl.

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  1. I can hear the sarcasm in your statement of looking forward to her becoming a teenager!! lol Yup!! She loves drama...& she's good at it. :) And you're so good with her. :)