Monday, June 04, 2012

And the winner is....Part Two

Well.  What a busy week we just had at our house!  Friends of ours came down from Edmonton on Tuesday, along with a mother-in-law and a sister, so we had a full house until Saturday!  Lots of fun was had by all...but I sure was tired when they all left! 

Lots of things happened this past week.  The play room got organized (post to come), seersucker was purchased (post to come), and some new things were being created for a birthday (post to come).  See the pattern?   Oh, and I came up with a new way to do something in the kitchen ~ new to me anyway, so guess what?  There's a post to come!

On to business though.  FYI for future readers, when you enter a giveaway, one must check back to see if they won or not.  If you don't do that, you miss out.  Our winner from last week never contacted Chantal sooooooo....that means that I picked a new winner.  Drumroll please.......

Our new winner is Melissa H!  She has been informed of the good news.  Melissa, if you could just send Chantal a message through her facebook page, she'll talk logistics with you, thanks! 

Well, check back here soon for a whole wackload of posts.  I promise my fingers will start dancing over the keys!


  1. They better, I miss numerous posts a week.

  2. Yes, I've missed your posts, too!!! (I know, you've been very busy!) But I look forward to those promised up-coming posts. Anticipation....

    Congratulations, Melissa!!! WooHoo!!!