Thursday, June 07, 2012

Cute Things Abigail Says (Part Three)

Abigail loves dolls.  She loves playing with things that aren't dolls and pretending they are dolls.  We have nesting dolls.  I think there are four.  So, the other day she introduced me to her dolls.  The tiniest was Tyler, then Gail, then Ka, then Mommy.  I asked where Daddy was.  She went and found a soother and said, "Here's the daddy!"

Her new thing for the past couple of days, if she can't find a doll or a doll substitute, is to ask me for peoples.  "Mommy, I need peoples!"  And, it never fails.  It reminds me of this scene from The Muppets Take Manhattan with Pete and Kermit.  Enjoy!

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  1. Cute - love the Muppets! I enjoy watching Abigail playing with her dolls! :)