Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Our restful vacation

Since we've been married, Clark and I have been to two different places for our vacation.  I like to call them our "restful vacation" and our "fun vacation" destinations.  Our fun vacation is Disneyland. Clark would go to Disneyland with his family every summer growing up.   Usually we need a little vacation after we're done that one because it is one non-stop ball of fun.  We love it though.  Maybe that's why we keep going back year after year.

Anyway, our restful vacation destination is Radium Hot Springs in British Columbia.  This was my family's summer vacation growing up.  The first time we went to Radium was two summers ago.  It was Clark's first time, and he was hooked.  There's just something about a laid back village that has pretty much nothing to do except go sit in a hot pool that forces you to unwind.  We have noticed though that the majority of people that go to Radium are older.  This time, I think there were maybe three or four other families but the rest were my parent's age.  I think one of the reasons for this is because people want to be entertained all of the time and there is literally nothing to do in Radium.  It's their loss.  We love having to spend time with our kids without being distracted...and making them spend time with us! 

The view from our motel.

Waiting to go swimming.  I finally got around to sewing towel cover-ups for my girls.  I found these really cute Canada towels at Wal-Mart...so I decided we should be shameless Canadian tourists.  They got a lot of smiles and comments, they're just so cute.

My three joys.  They make me so happy.

Taking pictures before we go in the pool.  This one makes me laugh, because as you can see, Abigail is not cooperating. 

Aah, that's better!

Clark insisted on getting me in there too, so there I am!

One can't go to Radium without having a family picture in the pool.  It appears to now be tradition!  Look at how freakishly huge Clark's legs look!

The whole family with my Mom and Dad.

 I leave you now with a cute tidbit from Annika.  She was getting tired from swimming by herself, so she asked me to tow her to the other side of the pool where her Moogie (my mom) was.  So, while towing her, we passed Morfar (my dad).  Annika went very stiff, and out of the side of her mouth mumbled, "I'm a lunchbox.  Don't tell Morfar."

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  1. Glad you're having a good vacation! Glad you got in a couple photos too!! :)