Thursday, June 28, 2012

I'd rather have a root canal

My goodness.   Two weeks ago I had posted about my new dentist, nicknamed "Last Dentist".  I was cautiously optomistic last Thursday when I went for my first of two appointments with him.  However. 

I stopped working almost 5 years ago when Annika was born, and when that happened, I took my watch off and stopped writing the date multiple times a day.  Half of the time I have no idea what day of the week it is, let alone the day of the month.

Last Thursday at 8:30 in the morning I headed on over to see Last Dentist.  It turns out, that my appointment was actually for this Thursday.  As in, today.  I was devestated.  My teeth were aching, I wasn't sure I could handle another week of pain before things could start getting fixed.  I think the ladies behind the desk were feeling sympathetic because they went to the back and found another dentist who wasn't busy and he got me in.  I'm going to call him Super Dentist.

Let me tell you.  He did a root canal on me.  Well, first he hit my teeth with a little metal hammer to see if it hurt.  It did.  He then put a Q-tip with something cold on it on my teeth.  I was supposed to tell him when it started hurting and when it stopped hurting.  Well.  When he hit the tooth that he eventually ended up working on, the pain was excruciating.  I think it lasted for over 5 minutes.  However, before the pain had ended, he had numbed the area and put a needle in my lip, so I stopped feeling it.  Then, I got a root canal. 

This was by far the BEST root canal I've ever had.  I went home with a funny feeling in my left nostril because he numbed that as well...but after the numbness wore off, I was pain free.  I didn't need any painkillers, and I was able to resume my life.  I could drink hot and cold, eat sweets and smile when it was windy.  What a great feeling!

This Thursday I went back to see Last Dentist, since I had more work that needed to be done.  I have to admit I was disappointed.  I was in the chair for the same amount of time and had 3 fillings done this morning.  But, if I had a choice, I would rather have had a root canal with Super Dentist. 

So, I switched dentists and the next two appointments that I was supposed to have with Last Dentist are now going to be with Super Dentist.  We'll see how he does with just normal fillings. 

I felt a little bit guilty when I was switching over to Super Dentist, but the receptionist told me that I wasn't the first person to do this and I wouldn't be the last.  It makes me feel slightly better. 

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