Saturday, May 12, 2012

Saturday Snapshot ~ 9 months

Can you believe this little guy is 9 months old already?  He started sitting up by himself this past week, and it's been so fun to see!  I know, the look on his face there is priceless! 

I was thinking the other day that this is a sad milestone for me.  It now marks the fact that he has spent as much time "out" as he spent in my stomach...and it only means that he's going to keep adding to that time.  Since there are going to be no more babies in our future, it's bittersweet for me.  I'm looking forward to the coming milestones, but I am definitely missing the ones I will never experience again!

On a related note, I took him to the health unit on Friday to weigh him and see how he's doing.  Drum roll please........the little chubber is 19 pounds, 11 ounces.  It's so nice to see him filling out and gaining weight.  He's getting so heavy, I get tired holding him!


  1. He's growing by "leaps & bounds" now!! YAY!! Bittersweet, I know, but enjoy every minute. He's a sweetie, for sure. Love his smile & expressions. xo

  2. He's catching his older counter-part, the chubster... he definitely still feels lighter though. What a little cutie. (I think I say that too much...).