Saturday, May 05, 2012

My fairy godparents

Annika has been watching The Fairly Odd-Parents on Netflix lately.  It's her new favorite show.  I think I've been watching it too much as well, because I've been dreaming about them! 

My fairy godparent and I (who incidentally looked a lot like my Mom, except she had long red hair) were invited to another fairy's house in Italy for a party and a pageant.  He picked out a dress for me to wear.  When it was delivered, it was hideous!  We walked into the house with the delivery guy to try it on and see what could be done about making it better.  While we were walking, the delivery guy started handing me all of these objects, the dress, some wipes, and then he started stuffing cotton balls into my mouth.  That part woke me up because it was actually the cat putting his paw into my mouth.  Why, I don't know.  He's never done that before.  I'm just glad he didn't use his claws.

Back to sleep and Mom (my real Mom, not the red haired fairy) and I are at Sears.  She's working, and I'm loitering.  She told me that somebody in the ladies department was leaving and her position would be open.  It was a part time position.  There was also a full time position available in the fundraising/social club department.  They also were in charge of walking around the floor and keeping up morale.  My mother told me to apply for those jobs, so I did. 

Then my two children (both boys) and I went on a playdate to somebody's house.  I didn't recognize the house.  They didn't have kids either, but there were three grandma's who were fighting over the boys.

And...before anyone asks, I didn't eat ANYTHING before bed last night!

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