Thursday, May 17, 2012

The dishtowel

I found this tutorial around Easter time and thought "I could do that."  So.  I did!  While up in Edmonton, we stopped in at Ikea and I found the two cutest dishtowels you could ever find!  It was a 2 pack for $5.99. 

I liked how they had fun patterns on them, without being too "kitchen".  In the tutorial, she had taken her two pack of dishtowels and put them together to make one skirt.  It was a bit fuller then what I did for Annika, but I thought that Annika is so skinny, a pencil skirt wouldn't be horrible.  So, I actually got two skirts out of this material.  The first skirt I made the length of the dishtowel, so it was quite long on Annika.

I like it long.  I like how the top circles peep out from the waistband, and the bottom has the full circles.  It is so fun!  Annika is not a fan.  As she told me when I was making the second skirt, "Mom, make this one two inches long.  Then I can run in it." 

Well, I made it a little longer than 2 inches, but it is definitely shorter!  Because this one was a shorter skirt, I wanted to do something fun on it, so I added a purple ruffle on the bottom.  I think it's my favorite.  The short skirt only had the circle pattern on one side of the dishtowel, so the back of that skirt is just white.  It's kinda nice that way!

Here you can see the difference in length of the skirts.  And, I nicely asked Annika if she would model them for us, but she said only if she could wear her mouse ears.  They really add to the ensemble I think!


  1. So very cute. You are one talented momma

  2. They are both cute - & so are her mouse ears!! Yes - you are very talented!! :)

  3. I agree with Annika, I like the short one, especially with the ruffle.