Monday, February 06, 2012

Tyler Update

So, this past week, we've been shovelling food into Tyler's mouth in the hopes that he would convert some of it into poundage!  Now that he is over his cold, I think he is realizing that food is his friend.  (He must take after his father).  He has had rice cereal (loves it), bananas (loves it), and sweet potatoes (loves it).  I think on Tuesday or Wednesday we'll add a meat into his diet, probably chicken.  I took him to the health unit this afternoon to get weighed, and he has gained 6 ounces since last Wednesday!!!!!  I guess all he needed was food.  We're going to keep going every week for the rest of the month just to monitor his weight and make sure he continues to gain, but the health nurse seemed really happy with his progress, as is his mommy!


  1. Oh that's wonderful! It's great he ate all that food so willingly. :)

  2. I knew he would catch on to this whole eating thing! :)