Friday, February 24, 2012

Sentimental much?

I'm a bit of a sentimental person.  I have clothes that my most favorite auntie made me.  They don't fit me anymore, but she passed away several years ago, and so I keep them to remember her.  I have a sweater that my grandmother used to own.  She passed it down to my mother, now I have it.  It also doesn't fit me, but again, it used to belong to someone important to my past.  I actually don't remember my Grandma, but I wish I did. 

I have this jar thing in my kitchen that used to belong to my mother.
She actually has two.  Growing up, they would sit by our kitchen sink and hold some sort of poky thing that comes in a nutcracker set you buy in the store.  I think they're used to get the nuts out of the shell.  I'm not sure, since they've always sat in these jars in case we needed to use them while washing dishes.  Last year, my Mom gave me one of them when I asked her if I could have one after she was dead.  I want my girls to have memories of it as well.  I've also told my mother several times that once she and my dad are gone, two new things are going into my bathroom medicine cabinet.  A jar of Noxzema, and a bottle of Brut.  These are smells that I associate with my parents.  What can I say?  I'm a sentimental fool!  I know that Clark just shakes his head at me and some of the stuff I accumulate and the reasoning behind it.  However, he's one to talk.  He owns a kitchen table and two chairs he inherited from his grandmother.  My stuff doesn't take up as much space as his!

My sister is down this weekend visiting, and we bundled up our 6 children and rode the bus downtown this morning.  We stopped by the Post, a very cheap and wonderful second hand store.  They have a whole bunch of stuff down there.  I picked up some beautiful glasses that will find a new home in my soon to be new bathroom.  Then I found these little gems.

My mother has these exact forks in her house.   Growing up, I think we used them for pickles.  I can't quite remember.  I do feel nostalgic when I look at them though.  They were $1.00.  Rose Blythe and I are going to split them in half, since she was also feeling sentimental about them.  It just so happens that I like to share.  However, my good luck didn't stop there.  There were matching spoons and knives!!!!

This just thrills my soul that I have a matching set.  I will most likely never use them, but I'm going to put them in my cutlery drawer anyway.  I know that I'll always remember my Mom when I see them.

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