Saturday, April 21, 2012

Pay It Forward 2012 ~ Gift for Flo

I finally have something to show for my Pay it Forward gifts!  So far this year, I have received one gift and given one.  I have one more that is finished that will be meeting its recipient on Friday (if I remember to bring it with me) and two that are in the middle of being made.  These are exciting times at the Noel home! 

It's amazing how great minds think alike.  I wasn't sure what exactly to make Flo.  She's a pretty special lady, so she needed a pretty special gift.  Last month at our ladies craft night, she had mentioned that she wouldn't mind getting a fall wreath from me.  (I just happened to be making my Easter egg wreath which is why I think the wreath thing came to her mind)  Around that time, I was also thinking that I should make her a wreath for her door! 

I headed over to pinterest and found some really great wreaths made out of yarn.  Let me tell you, it sure does a number on your shoulder!  It took me about 2 hours to wrap my wreath, probably because I wanted it to be perfect, and having your arm up in the air winding yarn for that long made me very stiff.  Yay for chiropractors! 

I really liked how it turned out when it was all done...I almost didn't want to give it away!  Here's the finished project.  Flo loved it!


  1. Can't wait for fall!! Thank you SO much, Kendra. I love it. :)

  2. Will you be really upset if you don't get yours on Friday? I am working on it. Really. I have a few more things that I am hoping to obtain while in Red Deer in order to finish it. Living in the middle of no where, where shopping sucks, makes it hard to get all the pieces I need in order to finish it. You should have it by summer for sure.

    1. It does not matter to me when I get it! Whatever works for you works for me.