Monday, April 23, 2012

Cute things Annika says (Part 6)

Clark got the girls ready for bed last night.  It's nice when he does that.  There are only so many times in a week that I can read Curious George before I feel like throwing something.  Anyway, after he read to them and got them tucked in, they decided that they needed to see me.  Abigail's exact words were, "I can't sleep.  I had a bad dream."  (This was 2 minutes after Clark turned the light out.)

The girls tumbled into bed with me, then Annika said "Let's pray for Abigail that she doesn't have bad dreams.  Then I'll turn her pillow onto the side that has good dreams." 

I never knew that there were sides to pillows.  Maybe they should put that on the packaging.


  1. They should include which is the right and wrong side of bed too.

  2. Aw! Good thinking, Annika! :)