Sunday, April 15, 2012

If I was a betting girl...I wouldn't bet on me

It's a cutthroat world I live in.  I live in a world where I am the captain of a sports team and people are counting on me to win.  They bet money on me.  However, my team sucks.  We play two sports during one game.  Game one is played outside in the mud.  Tackle football.  Then, we head inside to play a game of baseball...on the wii.  I think one of the reasons my team is no good is because instead of playing with baseball bats, we use onesies.  They're pretty floppy.  My power hitter isn't living up to his potential. 

According to Andy Rooney, this is because he doesn't make the other guys quake in their boots before a game by mentioning all of the stocks and bonds he has in oil and gas.  I think that's what he said.  I couldn't really listen because I was trying to hit a ball using a floppy onesie.  Also, he was in the corridor of an arena talking while I was in a living room playing baseball on the wii...and he wasn't on a television anywhere...I don't think he was on a radio either.  How do I know this then?  All I really know is, we're a pretty bad team.  Maybe next season we can stage a comeback.  I wouldn't bet on it though.


  1. Wow. My dreams are nothing compared to yours. I did have one where I found out when Jesus was coming back. I even have a date. That greatly amused me. He also comes back in a bus. Might not be the most accurate of prophecies...

  2. I'm so sick of dreaming. I'm even praying that God will take my dreams away. As for the rapture, we were driving back from Abbotsford last week, early, most of us are sleeping. All of a sudden, it's black, with a bright light up to the left. It's Jesus! It' all true! I shout happily, startling myself . . . . awake. I. Was. So. Mad.