Monday, February 11, 2013

Korean BBQ

We have a new boarder.  He is from South Korea and a real sweetheart.  Our children are in love with him.  Abigail is the cutest.  If she hears him come in from school, she'll run to the door and ask him how his day was. 

Tyler is also a big fan.  He can say his name.  He'll sit at the dinner table and just chant it, over...and over....and over.....

He has a girlfriend that comes over periodically to hang out.  She loves our kids as well.  It is definitely mutual.  I think my children like anyone that will take the time to play with them.

Last week, I got asked if he and his girlfriend would be able to cook an authentic Korean meal for us.  I jumped at the chance to not cook.  They decided to make us Korean BBQ. 

Oh. My. Word.  It was so good.

It might not look like much because I obviously don't know how to take a picture to do it justice, but I will tell you all about it.  There was pork that was marinated in a very good sauce you can't get in Medicine Hat, you have to go to Calgary for it.  Then it was stir fried.  There was also pork that was barbecued, along with mushrooms and onions.  They made noodles with some sort of sauce on it as well, and then there was a plate of lettuce.

It was explained to us that you put a piece of pork inside the lettuce leaf, then wrap it up (kind of like a taco) and eat it like that.  There was a great marriage of flavour with the meat and the lettuce.  It was SO GOOD. 

I almost forgot to mention our appetizer!  They bought a bag of banana things.  They looked like cheezies...the soft messy ones, not the hard ones.  But, they were banana flavoured.  The kids ate the whole bag in under 15 minutes.  Annika requested that I buy another bag for her lunches, so guess what I'm doing on shopping day?

I mentioned that any time they wanted to barbecue for me, they could go ahead.  I don't like to try new things too often, but I'm glad I tried this!

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  1. Sounds delicious...looks delicious too!! Glad you enjoyed it so much. :) I love that they are so good with the kids...& that the feelings are mutual between them all!!!