Friday, February 15, 2013

A sensory bin

Tyler is a very busy boy.  He likes to get into everything.  I really should have taken a picture of him on top of the piano before I got him down from there.  It amazes me daily on how much trouble one little boy can get into.  I can honestly say he is nothing like his sisters. 

One of his most favourite things to do is play with the cat's water dish and food dispenser.  Usually, I put water out for Sebastian at night time and during Tyler's nap.  Other than that, Tyler will inevitably go for the water dish and dump it all over the floor.  If there is no water dish to play with, Tyler turns his attention to the cat food.  He likes to run his fingers though the little granuals, throw them, and try to eat them.  (Shudder.)

I thought I was being smart and gave Tyler a bin full of rice and measuring cups.  I thought it would keep him busy.  Was I right.  He was kept busy throwing the rice, trying to eat the rice, and dumping the rice all over the floor.

He did decide to smile nicely for the camera though.  I appreciate that.  And he did have a good time.


  1. It was nice of you to give it a good name like 'sensory bin'!! ;) He's a busy boy!! Love his grin. lol