Sunday, December 23, 2012

What's in a name?

Out of the many reasons that I married Clark, the one that I say is #1 is I went from  a 12 letter last name to a 4 letter one.  If someone with 4 letters in their last name asked you to marry them, you'd probably jump at the chance too!  It's a great last name too.  It's wonderful at Christmastime when it comes to decorating.  Clark rolls his eyes at me though, since he thinks I tend to go overboard.

My friend Alison posted a picture on facebook of her Christmas tree.  I have a little bit of tree skirt envy.

But, I thought if I tried to bring home a skirt like that, Clark and I might need to go for some marriage counseling.  So I decided to go on a little bit of a scavenger hunt around my house to see how much of it has Noel in it.  You can let me know if you think it's too much!

This is the view when you walk up to my house.  Personally, I would like to keep the candles up year round, but Clark thinks it's a little much.  I think it's fitting.

This is what's hanging on my front door.

Then, when you go up the stairs, you've got a couple of things looking at you.  There's this on the wall,

This is on the piano,

And this on the computer desk.

Then, this is on the wall with our family pictures year round.

Once you head to our bathroom, you'll see this hanging on the wall.  This is up during winter.

This one is up during the rest of the year.

And then after you've washed your hands, you'll need to dry them on something.

What do you think?  Overkill?


  1. Nope, not in my opinion!! :) I thought of adding more to your collection....even though I didn't know what all you had!

  2. I also thought of adding to your collection but didn't think it would be good for family relations to have my son-in-law no longer speaking to me!

    1. If you added a liver and onion dinner to it, I'm sure all would have been forgiven Mom! :)