Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My Back-up husband list

You know how most women probably have a secret or maybe not so secret list of men that are not their husbands that they have secret or not so secret crushes on.  That list?  Yeah.  Clark is lucky.  2/3 of the men on my list are dead.  Today,  I thought I would show you who was on my list.


Really, why wouldn't you want to be married to someone that could break out into song and serenade you at the drop of the hat?  I know that should have been on my list of prerequisites, but alas, Clark is not so accommodating.



If I can't have someone sing to me, then I wouldn't mind being danced around my kitchen.  Sadly, something else my husband doesn't do with me.  Maybe I should look into ballroom dancing lessons for us.

Finally, the last guy on my list.  This man Clark might have to be a little bit worried about, except for the fact that he's married himself....and he's old enough to be my father.  I guess I'll just stick with the man I married then.


My mother and I went and saw Colm in concert yesterday.  The one thing missing was my sister.  She should have been there.  There was even an empty seat next to me.

Here we are waiting for the concert to start.  It was amazing.  He is funny.  He is talented.  He is personable.  He connected to the audience.  He sang such different genres of music, it was quite interesting.  My two favourite songs of course were probably his most famous ones.  He sang The Music of the Night from The Phantom of the Opera, and just when we were about to despair, he came out for his second encore dressed as Jean Valjean and the crowd went wild and he sang this song:
He is the reason I fell in love with musical theatre, and listening to him sing Bring Him Home live will probably go on my Top 10 list of best moments of all time.  If you ask my Mom, she'll probably tell you that it's the #6 best moment in her life that has to do with me.  (#1 being the day I was born of course.)
Anyway, that's my list.  I don't think Clark has anything to worry about. 

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