Friday, December 28, 2012

Things I've learned from Murder, She Wrote (Seasons 5 to 12)

Well, I've finished all twelve seasons of Murder, She Wrote.  I'm a little sad that it's over. 
Dear Netflix, do you think you could get Matlock?  Thanks. 

  1. Good TV doesn't have to be gory.  Or use horrible language for that matter.
  2. Jessica Fletcher has GREAT taste in bathrobes.
  3. Not something I learnt, but I do have a question:  Who takes care of her bird while she's away from Cabot Cove?
  4. Jessica and Frank were childless, but her nephew Grady came to live with them when his parents passed away.  That's why they're so close.
  5. "Some unpleasant threats were made."  "Redundant.  All threats are unpleasant."  "Point taken."
  6. I wonder, there is a character named Harcourt Fenton.  Coincidence?
  7. I'm kind of disappointed...but Angela Lansbury used cue cards.  How do I know this?  Season 8 Episode 13:  Incident in Lot #7 around the 41:53 can see the cue card guy on the left side of the screen.  So sad.
  8. This isn't really Murder, She Wrote related...but Annika was watching Mr. Popper's Penguins on Netflix the other day, when we are introduced to Mrs. Van Gundy.  I was sitting in the other room, when Annika screamed out "Mom, come quick!  That lady looks like the lady you watch on TV!"
  9. Did you know that they did a Christmas episode?  Nobody died in it, it was just attempted murder!
  10. Jessica's middle name is Beatrice.
  11. Jessica wrote a children's book.  They adapted it into a puppet show.
I was slightly disappointed in the series finale.  It was just like any other episode.  There was no closure.  It wasn't even set in Cabot Cove.  I would have liked to have seen all of my favourite characters all meeting up one last time for a reunion of sorts. 

It was nice to relive my younger years and watch an old friend again.  Now I'm on the search for the next TV series to strike my fancy.

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