Monday, March 26, 2012


"Spring, spring, spring.  Spring said the groundhog.  It was spring."  Did you ever read this book as a child?  I think I still have my copy lying around long as little girls haven't gotten to it yet!

Well, Pinterest has not let me down again.  I found this pretty little Easter wreath that was on a blog.  One, I liked it because of the colors.  Two, it looked like it was a project that would take very little time.  Three, this lady has a craft night once a month, and this is what they did one month.  It was kinda fun to see the group of ladies all making these wreaths together. 

I was at our local Dollar Giant a couple of weeks ago picking up cheap toys for the girls for their Easter egg hunt (our theory is, why spend a lot of money when they're just going to wreck the things you buy anyway.)  While I was there, I saw garland and Easter eggs. 

Everything was $1.25 each, so I bought three bags of the bigger eggs, and one bag of little eggs.  I also purchased three strands of the garland and one roll of Easter ribbon.   A visit to Michael's got me a foam wreath.  In total, I spent under $20 and here is my finished project.  I think it turned out pretty nice!  Clark said it looked like something high end you would pay big bucks for.  He's so sweet. 

You can't really see the garland underneath all of the eggs, but I didn't necessarily want it to be seen, I just didn't want to see any of the foam. 

*Update:  I tried hanging this on my front door this morning, but because we also have a screen door, I couldn't close the door!  So, it's hanging on my front door INSIDE my house.  If you want to see it, I guess you'll have to come over for coffee!


  1. I saw that too but after I had been to the dollar store for the other stuff. Looks great.

  2. Good job - didn't take you long either!! :)

  3. Looks fun! :) So creative you are!