Sunday, June 09, 2013

Some Disneyland pictures

My parents keep telling me that I haven't posted anything for a while...and I know.  I was waiting to get my CD of pictures from Disneyland so I could show you some of my favourite shots from our week...there will most likely be more since I am procrastinating from my real job today ~ packing to go see my best friend and her family!  We leave tomorrow after breakfast, so laundry is being done while I sit.....

Miss Abigail surprised me the most at Disneyland.  I was expecting her to be like her older sister when she was three.  Annika didn't like meeting the characters when she was three.  It was almost as bad as pulling teeth to get her to take a picture of her and Mickey Mouse!  Abigail was right in there meeting characters.  It was very fun to see.

Here he is signing Abigail's autograph book.
She wanted to give him a high five.

 Poor Annika.  I made her get a picture with Pooh.

 Here's Tinkerbell!  I think these are the only pictures I have of the girl's Minnie Mouse outfits that I sewed, they turned out so cute!  Although, Tinkerbell told Abigail that she looked like a lady bug.  It's amazing how in character those people are all the time!

 This was one of the highlights of the trip for Annika I think.  She loved the Monsters Inc. ride.

And here is the only family photo we got the whole trip.  We didn't plan that one very well! 

 Later this week I'll get the pictures uploaded from our trip to the Bibbiti Bobbiti Boutique.  That was definitely a fun experience!



  1. So much fun to see your pics!!! It looks like everyone had a fantastic trip.

  2. Great pics - love to see their grins...especially Abigail's in that first picture! It says it all!! :)
    Looking forward to seeing more... :)
    Have a good week away!!