Saturday, May 18, 2013

Random Thoughts

1.  It takes me longer to get the lawnmower started then to actually mow the lawn.

2.  You don't need a weed eater.  It works just as well to use a pair of kitchen scissors.  Probably more therapeutic too.

3.  30 year old men look RIDICULOUS driving motorized this one.
   ~ To clarify, it was NOT my husband on the scooter, just a couple of guys that live down the street from us.  I think they thought they were cool....but that was not the case.


  1. Wish I'd seen Clark on the scooter!!! ;) But I feel for you cutting weeds with scissors... etc.!!

    1. Oh no, it wasn't Clark on the scooter. It was some neighbours down the street. I think they thought they were cool. I didn't mind cutting the weeds, it was nice to sit out in the fresh air!