Friday, March 08, 2013

Ombre cupcakes

It was Moogie's birthday last Friday.  I thought that having breakfast with her on Thursday would be enough of a birthday celebration, but apparently I was wrong.  Friday night at 10 PM, a little girl named Abigail came out of her room in a panic.  "Momma, we didn't go to Moogie's house for her birthday party today!"  I told her that she could call in the morning, and if Moogie didn't have a party yesterday, we would throw her one at our house.  Abigail said "Will there be cake?"  Saturday morning, she called Moogie and asked if she had cake yesterday.  The answer was no, so we went to work to make cupcakes.

The problem with having my husband home while trying to do stuff like this is he makes more work for me.  Just as I was going to pour my plain boring white cake batter into the cupcake tin, he came into the kitchen and said "Couldn't you make them rainbow colored?"  I could, except apparently the only colors I have in my pantry for food coloring are different shades of pink, blue and green.  So, I jumped on the ombre wagon.

These are the five colors I decided to go with.  Two blues, two teals and a light green.  What a lot of work.  They kind of turned out.  I think it would have looked prettier if it had actually been a rainbow.

Too bad I had to eat half of that cupcake in order to get a picture on the inside!


  1. It was greatly appreciated and all the sweeter because of a sweetheart named Abigail!

  2. Abigail has such a tender, kind heart! :) And Kendra, you are so creative - those cupcakes are beautiful! I'm sure your mom was VERY appreciated (as the comment above says). You rock!!!