Friday, January 11, 2013

The cat

It was my birthday on Saturday.  My mother gave me a manicure/pedicure.  The only catch was I had to have it done the same time as her.  Just kidding, it was fun to have girl time with her.  She's a nice Mom.  The place where we go to get this done did not have two manicurists on at the same time on the days that Clark was off.  So, I booked our mani/pedi on a day that he was working and took a chance that my great friend Ashley would answer her phone when I called and begged asked very nicely if she would watch two cute girls and a cute boy that would possibly cry the whole time I was gone.  Surprisingly, she said yes.  I also owe her A LOT of babysitting in return. 

Ashley has a kitten.  Her name is Copper.  She is adorable.  And a bundle of energy.  When I went to pick the kids up, Abigail scooped up all of Copper's toy balls that had bells in them and said "I'm taking these home for 'Bastian."  I told her we couldn't take Copper's toys, but we would buy some at the store the next day so she could play with him.  I had a very happy girl at Wal-Mart today. 

I asked Ashley to take a video of Copper playing with her bell filled ball so you could then compare it to what happened when we did the same thing with Sebastian.



I think I need a new cat, this one's broken.

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  1. Happy Belated Birthday! Hope your day was great!